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Re: Mixcloud Downloader

Since I posted that...downloader has quit working (on my end anyway). Here's an alternative method that uses a slower http protocol download....but still works.

If you'd like to download mixcloud audio (podcasts, that Midas, Rikk, and Myself use)...there is an easy way to do it. Instructions below:

First You'll need Google Chrome
Second, you'll need the Mixcloud Harvester Extension

Once the extension is installed, go to the podcast you'd like to Download at mixcloud.

Mixcloud Harvester gives you direct access to the music stored on quickly and without leaving your navigation, only:

- Use Mixcloud as normal, when you are on the page of a track, Mixcloud Harvester icon will appear in the omnibox.

- When you press the track play button Mixcloud Harvester will provide direct access to music under the player. [Option 3 (.MP3) downloads without stopping the track. Option 4 stops the track while Downloading]


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